A Few Of The Famous Valleys In Pakistan

There are a lot of beautiful and famous valleys in Pakistan but here let’s just discuss a few of them.

Kaghan Valley:

Kaghan, two-hundred and seventy kilometers from the capital city Islamabad is one of the Famous Valleys In Pakistan. The alpine meadows, the pine forests, flowers, cool mountain streams and the crystal clear lakes of the vale all greet you to enjoy your holidays in the natural nirvana. The township of Naran in the Kaghan vale is a spot where most vacationers like to stay to take pleasure in short one-day visits to Lalazar, Lake Saiful Muluk, Babusar Pass and Lake Lulusar.

The most visited spot is the famous Jheel Saiful Muluk which is surrounded by imposing snow clad hills and crown by the peak of Malika Parbat; Queen of the Mountains. Shogran is, undoubtedly, the most striking plateau in the vale because of striking natural scenery with the lush green meadows and wild flowers. An amazing jaunt tour by jeep from Shogran through an 8km bumpy road takes you to the height of twenty-three hundred feet to the Siri and paye, a verdant green meadow, from here you can have a fantastic sight of the Malika Parbat.

Malam Jabba:

Malam Jabba is three hundred kilometers from the capital, and it takes six hours and thirty minutes to get there by road. It is an exceptional ski resort located eighty-seven hundred feet above the sea-level, giving immense sight of the black mountains and the Karakoram Range. The resort has a ski-slope of about eight-hundred meters which is facilitated by a chairlift. The maximum point of the slope is ninety-two hundred feet.

There is also a smaller slope with ski lift for the amateur skiers. It has two hiking tracks that cross the Sabonev Valley (seventeen kilometers) and Ghorband valley (eighteen kilometers). Around Malam Jabba, there are six monasteries and 2 Buddhist Stupas dating rear more than two thousand years.

Gilgit Baltistan:

Gilgit Baltistan is also one of the very Famous Valleys In Pakistan. You can reach Gilgit from Islamabad in twenty hours by road and one hour by air. To be found in the north of the country, the area of Gilgit Baltistan is a heaven for hikers and vacationers. The region is surrounded by a few of the world’s mightiest mountain ranges with over eight thousand meters height. Aside from regal mountains, the K2; the second highest mountain on the planet, is situated in the Shigar Valley.

A few of the biggest glaciers outside Polar Regions are also located in Gilgit area with one-hundred nineteen lakes; twenty-two hundred sq. Kilometer of snow covered part; different flora and fauna and sixty-five hundred sq. Km of forests. The area is famous for its magnificence and attractive picturesque beauty. Here the world’s three mightiest mountain ranges: the Hindukush, the Karakoram, and the Himalayas meet.

There are also numerous visitor attractions quite near to Gilgit city. Such as Hunza Valley, Naltar Valley, Fairy Meadows, Nagar Valley, Skardu city, Shigar town, Bagrot-Haramosh Valley, Haramosh Peak in Karakoram Range, Astore Valley, Deosai National Park, Juglot town, Rama Lake, Yasin Valley, Phunder village, and Kargah Valley.