What are the best electric guitars for professionals?

There are always an endless supply of electric guitars or even acoustic guitars everywhere in the world, but the difficult part is pinpointing on which brand or model we like best.

They all have different features, from colors, to frets and so on, it takes a lot of time reading through all the details on the guitar, where they can buy it either being online or going to the physical store. A lot of thought process is put into it.

Before making a decision there are a few things that need to be done first and understood before making the purchase, such as what is your exact budget, the different types of guitar bodies, right handed or left and finally the color style. Learn more about how to Buy Electric Guitar Online in Dubai, Saudia Arab, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain.


Like mentioned before, if you have set yourself a budget you need to see which good guitars fit well in the price range. Guitars can be pretty expensive depending on the brand so best to increase the budget a little just in case if needed, you don’t need to be so strict with yourself. You have the option of going for a beginner guitar or go straight towards what the professional are using which are obviously more on the expensive side.

Guitar Body

Knowing each type of guitar body is important as they each have a different feel to it, you should try out each type to see which feels more comfortable to hold and play with. The three most commonly used bodies is the solid body, hollow and semi-hollow.

Solid Body

Guitars that have a solid body means that there is no sound box, compared to other instruments that do have sound boxes which would typically be an acoustic guitar in that case. Solid bodies means that the guitars will rely on the electric pick up of the vibrations on the strings to enhance the sound. The right genre for solid body would be rock, metal and anything along those lines.


Hollow guitars are very rare to find, they sound a lot like acoustic guitars with the bright sounds that they emitte but when it comes the higher tones as feedback is likely to occur. They have a good bass response, as well as being round and having a full tone to them, the genre that these guitars would fall under would be jazz.


The semi-hollow guitars have a smaller sound box which would somewhat support amplification, the overall weight of the guitar is much less than a solid body. The sounds that semi-hollow projects is more warm and bright with nice overtones, the genre that best describes the use of them is probably jazz, vintage country and anything similar.

Left Handed or Right Handed

It is important to know whether the guitar is left handed or right handed, or at least offers the option of both.


When it comes to guitars, the first thing that catches your eyes are the colors that they use, after all the color you choose represents you and your overall style. Many brands have a variety of colors and styles to choose from, that keeps lots of options open, but it is also important to note that the color is second important, after the sound and feel that you want.

Now moving on forward, we need to go through which guitars would be best for professional guitarists to use. There are many guitars that would be highly recommended to choose from, but to keep this article nice and short a think a sufficient amount of would be 3 recommendations.

PRS Mark Holcomb SE

A guitar that is the signature model of Periphery guitarist Mark Holcomb, it is known to be a top of the line creation, being both esthetically pleasing and a good value for money. Its solid mahogany body, quilted maple top and custom paint job, with its satin-finished slin 24-fret rosewood fretboard. Just playing the guitars feels great and holding it in your hands will be beyond satisfying.


Reading countless reviews of this electric guitar, with every single one of them having positive remarks to mention, it’s high quality design it is the guitar that musicians have been looking for if they wanted to upgrade to something a little more exaggerated on its tone within the world of rock-n-roll. With the body and neck made from mahogany and a rosewood fretboard, the guitar is very lightweight and has a good balance to it in its design. Its design is for musicians who’ve had years of experience and have a longing to play on something with a harder edge.

PRS SE Custom 24

A guitar that will always be found in almost all “best guitars” list, a very affordable guitar with their classic designs that just has everything right. The SE series features a mahogany neck and body, with its fingerboard being rosewood, this series brings out all the things that musicians love, making them love PRS themselves.