Watch Desi Serials While Eating Dinner

Watching TV is always fun, and it is a fact that girls are more into dramas than boys. Though boys also watch TV but they do not take much interest in the dramas. Whenever girls meet they discuss the stories, characters and coming turns and twists of their favorite Desi Serials. In this article, we will discuss some of the popular serials that are on air these days and popular among the viewers.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Kumkum Bhagya is the love story of a Rockstar Abishek Prem Mehra and a simple girl Pragya Mehra. The serial starts with the love and hates relationship between them. Abishek has a girlfriend Tanu, and she is a supermodel as well. Due to the circumstances, Abhi and Pragya got married, but they just behave well in front of their family. Otherwise, they always fight with each other. As time passes Pragya falls in love with Abhi, but he does not realize.

Later his best friend makes him realize that he also loves her. But due to the circumstances, they have to separate. After sometime Pragya comes back in a new avatar with the aim to expose Tanu as she is lying that she is pregnant with Abhi’s child. Then story revolves around Pragya’s attempts to expose Tanu.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is one of the most popular Desi Serials. The story revolves around a rich businessman Raman Bhalla and a dentist Dr. Ishita. Both are neighbors, and their families always fight with each other. Raman’s daughter from his ex-wife Ruhi shares a special bond with Ishita. Later for the sake of Ruhi, they get married but always argue.

As time passes both starts feeling for each other and after many obstacles, they confess their love to each other. Meanwhile, Raman’s ex-wife Shagun and her boyfriend create problems for them. Ashok (shagun’s boyfriend) was Raman’s ex-boss. Raman’s son Aadi lives with his mother shagun and hares Raman and Ishita. But Ishita’s good behavior wins his heart. Now they have grown up, and Aadi is married to Aliya.

Moh Moh K Dhagay:

This is the story of a mature rural man and an urban girl. The man is looking for his bride, and the girl is helping her. Later they get married because of man’s sister, and now the story is about their lives after marriage.

Zindagi Ki Mehak:

This is the story of Mehak Sharma a middle-class girl and a rich restaurateur Shureya Khanna. They both meet in a food competition where they always fight. Later things become better, and Shureya exposes his fiancé’s misdeeds. Both express their love to each other. But Shureya’s family insults Mehak’s family and Mahek decides not to marry him due to the class difference. But Shureya comes to live in Mehak’s house to prove his love does not care about the status and class. He stays at her house to prove his love for Mehak. And finally, Mahek agrees to marry him. But it is revealed on their wedding day that he was lying. Then a dejected Mehak decides to make Shureya realize his love for her.