Free Video Editing Software for Mac Users

Even Mac users who have most of the pleasure with software – thanks to their OS program – sometimes crave for things outside of their constructor’s preferences. Especially people, who are eager to try new things, opt for software and apps that are not exclusively made by the programming systems. We know how video editors are curious to try out new things as they are always on the lookout for cheap yet productive video editing mediums. This is why we have gathered some of the finest free video editing software for MAC that can also act as perfect alternative for the magnificent iMovie.

Here we are with some great MAC editors that are either too cheap or free to get. Best for both novice and professionals with easy interface, read on to learn about our favorite picks.

  • iMovie

Let’s first divert our attention back to something that is explicitly made by MAC for its users – iMovie is literally the best editing app available. Fortunately, Apple has decided to lift up any charges that it used to charge for the software. Now, new users can have access to the software for free. It has one of the greatest features like one step effect, movie trailer, and audio editing. Users can also share their final products to sites like YouTube and export videos to their iPhone and iPad. Overall, iMovie shares a pretty image as editors around the world appreciate the effort put by Apple in creating such fine tool.

  • Blender

A lot of people hardly every come across Blender, which is a shame. This app is available for MAC OS X, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, OpenBSD, and FreeBSD. Since it is a versatile software, it provides free 3d graphics effects. It also offers services like UV wrapping, modeling, skinning, water and smoke simulations, texturing, rendering, animating, compositing, and creating amazing animated films, visual effects, and video games. It is packed with tons of advance features such as modifier-based modeling tools, character animation tools, python for embedded scripting, and a node-based material and compositing system. All these features and much more are available for free.

  • HyperEngine – AV

Another free video editing software for Mac that we adore is HyperEngine – AV. This software is used for multiple purposes like editing, organizing, capturing, exporting videos, processing, adding audios, texts, and many more to create good quality DVD movies and slide shows. There are 12 great studio-quality effects that are taken from Arboretum’s Hyperprism suite of audios processors. The software also gives text features that include section titles, credits, karaoke lyrics with editable fonts, color, size, alignment, style and what not. Considering all these features packed inside a free video editing tool, it is safe to say that HyperEngine – AV is quite the boss.

  • Avidemux

Last in our list is Avidemux. This software can be used for simple yet technical tasks such as encoding, cutting, and filtering. It is available for Microsoft Word, Mac OS X, Linus, BSD and supports a huge variety of audio, video, and image formats including DVD, compatible MPEG giles, AVI, MP4, JPG, AAC, MOV, AC3, and many more.

If you know any other free video editing software for MAC users that you think can do the job of all the aforementioned software, share away!