What is the difference between college and university courses?

What is the difference between college and university courses?

College and the university both provide different courses to the students which are meant for their better future. People prefer university because of four-year degree programs but some students go to the college for the basic education or the courses. The student who wants to get admission after the school must know that what is the difference between college and the university courses.

Courses offered in the university

Medical / MBBS

Medical or MBBS degree is offered by the university. It is the five-year degree program which the student gets the admission after completing 12 years of school work. This is the typical course that the university offers to the students interested in doing medical courses.


Pharm D is the five-year degree program. This course is also the specialty of the university. The students prefer to get the admission in the university when they are interested in doing pharmacy course.


It is an advanced field, the university offering this course must have specialized laboratories for the proper course work and the guidance of the students.

Actuarial science

It is the field of banking and insurance. The university has specialized staff and teachers who guide the students in the best way to make their career.

Business administration

Bachelor’s in business administration and masters in business administration are the two courses which are also conducted in the university for those students who have an interest in banking and account field.


Economics department is a well organized department in the universities. It provides four-year degree program as well as the master’s program to the students.

Engineering universities

The engineering universities are also affiliated with the higher education of the commission and offer the students various engineering programs and courses. Most engineering programs are four years while few are for five years.


It is the field of biology. The students study about the microbes and the germs which have aspecialeffect on living beings. The universities have advanced instruments that help the students in researching and performing practices.

Courses offered in colleges.

Colleges offer many programs. Some provide few month short courses or diplomas like amechanical diploma, diploma of civil engineering. They also offer two years graduation programmers in biology, physics, chemistry, geography history and many other general courses. College also offers the combined courses program for example student can study basic economics with mathematics and statistics, in the similar way ethics with psychology. So the students who want abasic education can get admission in college to attain the purpose of the life.

The university is always in priority for the students because it offers all the general courses as well as the courses in specialized fields.  The students can judge their field of interest by getting career counseling or attaining knowledge about the relevant field. In this way, they can perform well and get the success in the future. Both universities and the college have skilled teachers that can teach well and produce the talented students that are the future of the nation.

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