Follow the 3 week diet system chart and lose your weight

This kind of 3 week diet system chart  consists of   low-carb, light-fat, as well as the protein-rich foods. If you’re anxious to get rid of a number of the weights then you can simply follow the diet for the recommended of the two weeks based period, it won’t reason any kind of the health risks. But there are a few pros as well as cons of this diet and you will understand it if you go through the write up!

3 week diet system How it functions:

  • This 3 week diet system chart is one kind of Medical Diet, which   is a two week based long program based on the low calorie intake of around 1000 per day.
  • In the first phase, you can eat lots of the protein like the meat, the lean fish along with light vegetables and you simply try todecrease the quantity of the carbohydrates in your diet chart.
  • After the first 2 weeks of the dieting come a stabilization (keep in shape) stage throughout which you can eat extra: that is three eggs in a week, you can take two slices of the bread per day, fully sugarless jam, the nuts as well as a glass of wine a day.
  • Again, try to keep away from all kinds of starch along with fat based food like oil, the dairy products like butter, cream, the fruit drink, alcohol, and the sugary desserts, along with chocolate as well as fatty meat is to be avoided completely!

There’s no exact part control with this kind of the diet – calorie controlling is   your target.

Your diet chart of full day:

  • In the Breakfast: 1 no seasonal fruit, 1 slice of plain protein or the whole meal along with coffee or tea with no sugar.
  • At Lunch: Chicken, along with a sufficient amount of the raw green vegetables  as per your likings, 1 tsp olive oil, coffee or the  tea without sugar, as well as take fruit in 4 days   a week).
  • In evening: Try to take raw carrots as well as celery.
  • At night time: The Lean fish, as well as low-calorie vegetable as per your likings, 1 tsp of the sunflower oil, take coffee or the tea without sugar.


  • You will observe fast weight loss: suppose you will lose your weight approximately 3-4 kilos in the primary week.

Advantages of this diet:

  • Here you simply follow the calorie counting method. If you follow this, you will lose your weight in the fastest way!

Disadvantages of this diet:

3 week diet system

  • 3 week diet system chart is a dreadfully a preventive diet and you will just feel very starving.
  • On the other hand, it is unsafe to reiterate the diet since it will reason the deficiency of nutrition in the long term.

  This is simply a very low-calorie diet. Certainly, the weight will come off, but it will come back.